Tricycle Curiosity

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Cycling, Tricycle

It all started in 2010 when I was doing my first 24 hour time trail. There were a few people doing the thing on these three wheeled machines. They looked like a proper bicycle but they had and extra sort of construction on the back to accommodate the extra wheel. My curiosity was aroused.

On the rare occasion that I passed someone on a tricycle I tried, usually unsuccessfully to talk to them about it. Bearing in mind that both of us had been in the saddle for a considerable time and both of us were trying to go as far as possible this wasn’t the most successful tactic. I did get a few replies, things like:

“It’s evil and it’s trying to kill me”

“It’s heavy and slow, why would anyone want to ride one”

“It finds every pothole and tries to put you in them”

I was intrigued, I wanted to have a go, there must be a reason why people are peddling these things around and it can’t be because they can’t ride a bicycle. On the other hand the people riding them all seemed to be disparaging about them. I had no idea why. In my mind they had the wonderful advantage that it was possible to stop and not fall off. This one thing overrides anything disparaging that anyone could say about them.

The time trial ended, I was pleased with what I’d done, I even appeared briefly in the youtube video that was made to document Andy Wilkinson’s blistering 541 mile record breaking win, it shows him flying past me as if I was standing still.

I came away with a desire to ride a trike, not a strong burning desire, like the desire to eat cake, but a low level background, if the opportunity presents its self type desire. The sort of desire that guides you subconsciously on a path to its fulfillment.

The desire remained unfulfilled.

In 2014 I did my second 24 hour time trail. This is where I met Jane, she started two places ahead of me, mentioned it was her birthday on the Sunday and was riding a trike. We were going round at about the same pace which meant that we met each other a lot. There was some banter, I wished her happy birthday at midnight and then crashed out of the time trial in the small hours of the morning, suffering from dehydration and an inability to cycle any further. It wasn’t my finest hour.

A few days later I received an email from Jane asking if I’d recovered, it seemed the ideal time to start finding out about trikes. Jane had the small matter of setting the woman’s Lands End to John O’Groats tricycle record first, but once that was done dusted and recovered from, she promised that she would organize a “tricycle experience day”.



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