A Little Proving Ride

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Cycling, Tricycle

The beast was back together and looked to be working, a plan was formulating, perhaps it was possible to do a bunch of Audax rides on it. It would be fun and there would be a lot of cake. I’d already sent my entries off for the early season rides in my area, all of which seem to feature massive hills. I’m not a great fan of cycling up hills; I can cycle up them but not at any great speed owning to genetics. I’m quite heavy and genetically programmed to eat food in unhealthy quantities. The appeal of taking a Trike on these sorts of rides is that you can stop and, most importantly, not fall off. This in my mind makes it the ideal machine for climbing up hills. This is, of course, only theoretical at the moment as I’ve yet to really test the theory. However before I get carried away with fantasy rides and start planning a weird and wonderful adventure I needed to take the beast out to make sure that nothing important fell off.

It was a nice day so I headed off on a small circuit, I didn’t want to venture too far from home just in case something went horribly wrong. Recent experiences suggested that this was very possible. I had everything I needed in case of emergencies stuffed into my pockets: tools, money, a mobile phone, a copy of the bible and various good luck charms. I was leaving nothing to chance.

Absolutely nothing went wrong; the wheels went round and stayed in place at the same time. The bearings were happy and content, there were no noises coming from anywhere important. This was good. With a rapidly growing confidence I decided to head for the next town, downhill, on a fast road, with traffic. If the beast was plotting to kill me this would be the ideal location. It could dump me into the curb or throw me into oncoming traffic. The possibilities were endless.

It didn’t kill me! If fact everything was going rather well. I had the suspicion that this was the point in a war movie were the guards start showing each other pictures of their children and wishing that they were back home surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones, just before all hell breaks loose and the heroes launch the attack. Riding a Trike makes me very suspicious. I pressed on, uphill, testing the stopping and not falling off theory as I went. Still everything was fine. At the top of the hill and across the cross roads was the long hilly way home. Some would describe it as rolling; I have more colourful phrases, the use of which depends on how tired I am.

After the first rise / hill / mountain pass I got the distinct impression that I was not alone. The hairs on the back of my neck were sensing a presence. Was it the spirt of the Trike looming up to deliver its retribution?

“Hello Mate!” said a chirpy voice from behind

“You don’t see many of those around these days” he continued

I guess it’s a familiar conversation for hardened Trike riders but it was a new experience for me, someone actually being interested in the machine I was peddling. We chatted till the next village, he was nearly home and looking forward to lunch, I was nearly home and looking forward to not being dead.

With the last few miles to go, everything was working and I was happy. The recent bout of tricycle repair had done the job. I could start formulating plans. Up ahead a man in a BMW pulled into a layby and got out of his car. I thought nothing of it until he flagged me down. What could he possibly want?

“I ride trikes too!” he said when I pulled up, “It’s so rare to see anyone else out on one”

After a long chat and swapping of numbers we went our separate ways.

Today was a good day out on three wheels.

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