Trike for Sale

Posted: March 7, 2015 in Cycling, Tricycle
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I’m learning about an underground network, these people start you off by letting you have a go, they even throw in beer and cake. Then just to keep you interested they lend you some of the equipment. In the background though, messages are being sent and inquiries are being made. They know that you are hooked and that you want to own one of your own. That’s why, I suspect, an innocent sounding message landed in my inbox one morning. It was a couple of lines and a web link to a forum in the dusty corners of the internet. The link revealed some pictures of a Higgins Trike and the note hinted that it would be worth my while having a look.

A few days later I was heading North with only a pile of maps, a Sat Nav and some written instructions to guide me. North is a long way from home and I know relatively little about trikes. I was nervous. I was determined not to be a tire kicker but on the other hand I quite fancied the idea of owning a trike that didn’t need constant phone calls to friends, relatives and bike shops to keep it going. There was an issue, I’m quite tall, four inches taller than the mythical average man. The frame was a 23 ½ inch frame. This was probably on the lower limit of frame sizes for me. I had a frame this size once, and there was yards of seat stem showing.

He felt like he was selling a member of the family

One previous owner

I arrived on time and unscathed to be ushered to the breakfast table. I was offered tea and toast in quantity. This was a cyclists household. We chatted about trikes, cycling and similar topics, almost forgetting the whole purpose of my visit. She was sitting outside, sparkling in the winter sunshine. She was a fine looking trike and she beckoned me forward. First things first though, the saddle height question. The seat stem was very short and almost popped out when I tried to raise it. Not to worry; it looked fairly standard I could always get a longer one. I took it for a run around the local roads, everything seemed in order, well apart from the seat stem being loose, oh, and an inability to move the front derailleur. I really wasn’t sure if these two things were major or minor. Should I part with cash or not. I did a very good impression of indecision but no one was fooled. I wanted the trike, she needed a new home. I happily parted with the money. We then had a happy half an hour looking for a wheel extractor that didn’t exist before removing her wheels and placing her gently into the back of my car. I promised I would write to tell of our adventures.

She sat in my lobby for a week, forlorn, with no wheels, I had to be in other places doing things to finance my new found trike obsession. Eventually I had a few moments (anything to do with trikes never takes a few moments) to get the wheels on. The seat tube got replaced with one from another bike and the front derailleur succumbed to penetrating oil and a screw driver. She was fit, fettled and ready to go.

New Toy

Ready and raring to go

The first ride went wonderfully, she didn’t throw me off and went well. The gearing proved to be set up for touring with a nice selection at the lower end. This was good.

I’m riding a hilly Audax soon, I wonder which bike I’ll take…


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