Gracie goes a modelling

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Cycling, Tricycle

Gracie‘s new tyres arrived today, I bought them because they are red. A woman needs matching accessories after all. After a bit of a struggle the tyres were fitted, it seemed a shame not to take a spin.

I have a nice little 20 mile loop that takes in a few hills and lots of countryside. Spring has arrived and everything is bursting into life. It was just magical passing woods filling with bluebells and trees springing into life.

We had to stop at the bike shop, not to purchase anything, but to allow the staff to admire Gracie’s curves and lugwork. The shop is full of carbon and deep rims but the staff still appreciate the craftsmanship of bike builders past. They drooled over her lines and took pictures of her posing in front of the shop. They promised to put the pictures on their website. This is Gracie’s first modelling assignment!

The ride back took in more of the beautiful Kentish countryside, augmented by a rather proud Trike.


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