Evening Ten

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Cycling, Time Trial, Tricycle
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I don’t do many short time trials, in fact I can count the number of ten mile time trials I’ve done on the fingers of one hand. I was persuaded by Pete to have a go at the EGCC evening 10. For some reason the first one of the season is traditionally done on a fixed but Pete assured me that no one would complain if I turned up on Gracie.

We took a slow ride to the start where Gracie was soon surrounded by a small group of admirers whilst one or two made disparaging remarks. I doubted that I would be that fast, if fact I would have been happy with anything under forty minutes (previously, on two wheels, I’d never managed to break 30 minutes). I was given number 2, Pete had number 3, and he would be chasing me down.

The starter was amused that he didn’t have to hold the bike up but he gave me a decent push off all the same. The first corner came startling quickly but was negotiated with the minimum of fuss and a lot of leaning over the inside wheel. Up ahead I saw my minute man. This was good; I was catching him which meant that I would be “not last”. This is my favourite finishing position. I swung round the second left hander and put in a burst of acceleration to overhaul my minute man. Not last was in the bag. Now the game had changed, now it was staying ahead of Pete.

Pete caught me half way round the second loop, in the same place I’d overtaken my minute man on the first time round. Well that’s the minute gone, but I had no intention of letting him take too much more time. He slowly pulled away but after the corner on the slight hill he slowed. I started gaining. This was good, from the brow of the hill to was all downhill to the finish. I took that minute back and was determined to keep it. I imagined that he was breathing down my neck ready to pounce. I was an all-out effort to the finish, no looking behind, no hesitation; he was not taking the minute.

Faster than a speeding bullet

Faster than a speeding bullet

Gracie and I now hold the course record for a Trike, which is impressive until you find that we are the only Trike and rider on this course in living memory.

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