Posted: August 15, 2015 in Swimming
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Looking out across Feringersee

There was a storm coming. It had been hot all day but now dark clouds started gathering in the south. It had been forecast but now standing on the platform of Ostbahnhof the reality was here. This was a minor setback but it wasn’t going to change my plans. I am going for a swim, I am going to swim outside, and I am going to swim in a lake.

I got off the train at Unterföring and followed the signs. Feringersee wasn’t hard to find, a twenty minute walk and I was there. It was hidden behind trees and then nestled in parkland. Unsurprisingly given the weather there were very few people around, it was almost as if I had the whole lake to myself. I found a handy tree and prepared for an adventure. As I made my way to the water I did worry briefly about leaving all my clothes, money, cards and passport stuffed into a handy carry away rucksack but only briefly. Sometimes you have to believe and trust that most people are good people.

The water was warm, pleasantly warm. As I stepped into the shallows, walking carefully over the gravel bed the water felt silky smooth. This was such a change to the normal harsh clinically clean chemically treated swimming pool water. As soon as the water was deep enough I started swimming. My vague plan was to follow the shore along to the far end and return along the line of buoys that separated the boating area from the swimmers. I started out with a long lazy crawl; I wanted to savor this, a lake almost to myself. The water tasted of earth, sediment and life. The shallows slipped away quickly and the bottom disappeared into the depths. I swam along the margin between deep and shallow for a while until irrational thoughts of sea monsters subsided. I caught a movement below me, something big. Three big carp lazily headed for the depths completely unimpressed with my swimming technique. Then another couple. I was swimming with the fishes I thought in my best Italian accent.

On the map there was an area marked as FKK. I had no idea what this meant, but judging by the three of four people skinny dipping it must be something German for naturist. I fleetingly thought about casting my trunks aside to enjoy the sensation only to dismiss the idea as I would have to carry my trunks back to shore and it was a lot easier to wear them.


Almost no one to be seen

I felt cold splashes against my back, the rain had started. The surface of the water had taken on that rippled rain splashed appearance. This was my idea of heaven. As I headed for the line of buoys I realised that this was what all the training was for. The hours of going up and down in the pool. The learning of the correct technique. The skipping lunch in favour of some pool time. It was all so I could enjoy moments like this, swimming on my own, in the rain, with a big grin on my face.

  1. The Activist says:

    Casting trunks aside is always more pleasurable when swimming than wearing them. Naturism too is a lifestyle that is difficult to beat


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