A look back in reflection

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Cycling, Running, Swimming

My 2015 Audax medals collection

I don’t mind saying it: I’ve had a good year. I started out with a few wants, desires and ambitions and on the whole most of them have been satisfied.

It really has been the year of the trike, what started out as a bit of curiosity blossomed into a full blown love affair. It started with the Beast (a red Higgins ultralight) and like any love affair it had it’s down moments, the wheels literally came off. After this breakup there was the long repairing of the relationship but eventually the Beast returned from whence he came because Gracie had appeared in my life. Gracie and I have been almost everywhere together. We have completed long rides, Audax’s and a couple of time trials together. Our crowning achievement was doing a whole lot better that expected on the KCA 12 hour; we won a medal for that! Looking back I’ve only used my other bikes for two rides, these were hilly monsters and I’m not sure if Gracie’s climbing abilities would have been up to it. I’m not a great one for climbing, in fact I would rather avoid it if possible but this year I decided that I needed the Audax Gold, Sliver and Bronze Grimpeur medals in my collection. It was hard work but they are now in my possession thanks to riding Mad Jacks, The Invicta Grimpeur and The Hell of the Sussex Hills. All cracking rides and very well catered.

I had thought about riding the Mersey 24 but as it got nearer the time it became obvious that it wasn’t going to happen, mind you the KCA 12 went more than half way to make up for it. I was also planning to do a time trial in Italy but a storm put pay to the whole event and left the course covered in debris, there is a strong possibility that I’ll be tackling both these events next year.

The swimming has been fun, the cold water championships at the beginning of the year was a wonderful way to open the swimming season, the Swimathon was a good test for the Guildford 24, the whole silliness of swimming one mile an hour, on the hour had a wonderful brutal simplicity about it. After watching the Soloists struggle I was glad to be doing it as part of a team. The Eton Dorney 10k swim was testing, it was the first time in a long time that I’ve swum that far and it was satisfying to have done it in a time that was well within the qualifying time for a long swim I have desires on completing. The Arun River Swim by complete contrast was in fast flowing water that flushed me down the river at an amazing speed. The best swim by far though was through Durdle Door, it was the combination of a perfect day, still water and good company that made it so perfect.

I’m still a bit dubious about running as I’m prone to the odd over use injury and I spent 2014 not running at all due to severe plantar facieses. That said I’m quite happy with the two half marathons I completed (The badger and the Reigate halves) even though the times were no where near what I used to be able to achieve, I guess I’m going to have to accept getting older has one or two drawbacks. The highlight of the running year was undoubtedly the Man Against Mountain run up Snowden. Challenging yet satisfying, although I would have preferred it if the obstacles were not there. For some reason that I can’t really fathom I was inspired by this run to enter a Marathon. Madness!

2015 was a good year, I wonder what 2016 will bring?


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