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Posted: January 20, 2018 in Swimming
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From this pub…

I like handicap events as there is always a chance that I might actually win. It is a very small chance but a chance nether the less. I try to be reasonably honest when I give my times but there may be a slight stretching of the truth to give myself a slight advantage. I don’t think that I’m unique in that respect.

The first part of any handicap race is to complain about the handicap. This was the main topic of conversation whilst waiting to start. I didn’t join in too much but I was amused by one swimmer telling anyone who asked a different time up to the point where he forgot his own time.

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Registration and source of all handicaps

We were sent off at 30 second intervals, I needed to get wet before the start or else it would have been a very slow start. I went for a splash around at one side whilst the slower swimmers started off down the course. The one thing I liked about this swim was that in was in a straight line. We got in at one point rounded the buoy and went straight down the beach. We wouldn’t we going around in circles.

I stood with six others waiting for us to be called forward. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. In theory all these people swam at the same pace as me so I should be with them all the way. In practice however in practice one or two of them would be faster and a few would be slower. I decided to enter the water at the back of this pack and see what happens.

Our time came and a few ran forward, I sauntered behind. Once I got in the water all intentions of starting slowly went too the wind. There were people ahead of me that I needed to overtake. I passed a few before the buoy and on rounding the buoy set about reeling in a few others. I spent a long time beside one swimmer trying to get passed. I feel that they were on the same mission.

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The end is down there near the jetty

I saw the last buoy coming up and felt that I’d done well. It slowly got larger and larger. I prepared myself to make the turn, right up to the point where I realised no one was heading to the beach. I had got the wrong buoy. The correct buoy was way in the distance but I’d lost the will to carry on racing. It took a long while to get back into the rhythm again.

As I neared the last buoy the sea started to get a bit crowded. I was catching the slower swimmers and the faster swimmers were catching me. I felt that rounding the last buoy was going to be a little troublesome but in the end, it turned out to be relatively easy.

The last part of the swim raised the usual dilemma of when to stand. A few in people in front of me got up and then dived in again. I opted to carry on swimming until it got to shallow. I’ve no idea which method was better.

In the end I came in the middle of the pack both on handicap and on time but more importantly I was ahead of Roman on both.

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…to this pub


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