I like to do things at the weekend. I have a job that takes up vast amounts of my time during the week and at the weekend I want to do something different. I have no desire to sit at a desk, I want to be out in the fresh air, cycling or running. I like to go to the coast and have a swim, I like to walk in the countryside. Anything that comes under the category of “not work”.

There are dull moments at work when I have a few moments to jot down my weekend activities, that’s when these blogs get written, bad grammar, spelling mistakes and all.

I have another blog called The Diversion Diaries that is more of a running diary of my progress through life. Unlike this one it includes all the dull bits in between the exciting and fun bits

I have yet another blog called Wieder was gelernt? It is written in German, It’s essentially the stories I write for my German homework. The spelling is a bit wonky and the grammar is suspect but I enjoy writing it.

You can also find me on instagram

  1. Michael Harry says:

    Hi Pete

    It was good to speak to you on Saturday night when Pam rang, and to hear about the Brexit upheaval from close to the action.

    Pam told me about your blogs and sent me the links. I’ve had a look at the Tricycle blog (I’ll have to brush up on my German before tackling the other one!). It was interesting to read. I enjoyed the writing and photos on the Jubilee River Swim especially. Sounds like good fun and a little quirky too. The leisurely approach you take to it appeals to me!

    Isobel and I are really looking forward to our Sardinia swimming break and getting to know you a little better. Pam and Sue are excited, we were going through information and plans on the weekend.

    I’ve just started doing some writing since I wound up work 18 months ago, It was one of my goals, and I’ve just managed to begin at last. It’s mainly life writing, on swimming and other subjects close to my heart. I hope to extend into wider writing in due course, still from a personal perspective but bringing in history and social reflections, perhaps doing some book reviews and critiques. Writing is excellent therapy I think.

    Keep catching the bananas and going in the same direction as the arrows



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